The Truth about Freckles, 2018

Stella sets off on exciting  journey of discovery that starts with a freckle and leads all the way to the stars.

Represented by literary agent Paul Moreton

Elephant in my room

A playful pull-out accordion book exploring the elephant in the room. 2017.

Never ignore an elephant in your room…

Taking my Line for a walk

A wordless picturebook, 2017

All is going well on this walk until the line turns into a scribble and things just go from bad to worse. Is there any way out?  

Get Lost, 2016

A letter, a pigeon, a person, a compass and a map. An adventure in which everything and everyone gets a little bit lost.

Little Red

Little Red knows theres no such thing as the big bad wolf…but will her imagination get the better of her on her short journey to her grandmother’s house?

Pictures waiting for their stories